I have two gifted elementary aged children who have been grade skipped and subject accelerated since K. Despite being 1-3 years younger than their classmates, they are well adjusted, social, fun-loving kids thanks in part to good support by their school. They have been assessed regularly over the years, and their trajectory and their most recent scores have prompted the psychologist to warn me that very soon they will outgrow what their school (and all other options in the area) can offer academically and that the likely progression is more grade skipping at the risk of insufficient support for their social emotional development. The advice: consider moving to where there are more gifted children and schooling options.

I've known that this was coming, just not so soon. I have the luxury of being able to move anywhere but probably not sending both to private schools. There are many well-publicized high schools for HG/EG/PG children but so few for elementary and middle. Some that I am looking at include Fairfax County schools in VA, BASIS schools in AZ, and Davidson Academy in NV. I welcome any advice, thoughts and suggestions.