I have a very mathy 2nd grader as well. He is in a public school that is not particularly strong on academics, but does an excellent job on character and leadership development. Weíve been patient with the school, choosing to focus more on social progress than progression in math. That said, we are beginning to push more for acceleration in math. He could do all the standard 2nd grade math when he was 3 or 4. Weíve had success letting him turn in 3rd or 4th grade beast academy work for homework, and when they do Istation on the computer, he can choose any topic up through 7th grade. These accommodations are helpful, but it is still frustrating that he hasnít been taught a new math concept in nearly 3 years of school math (he absolutely lights up when learning new material). I donít think typical schools will be able truly catch the young mathy kids where they are, so I am pretty resigned to just supplementing the curiosity at home. Weíve toured a top-rated public gifted program in our area that teaches 1 year ahead on the standards, and that still didnít seem sufficiently challenging. I donít really have any answers for you, but it is difficult. Best of luck