I wanted to continue a line of thinking that was in another topic, but under a non-descriptive title.

I'm concerned about CTY and wonder if anyone is closer to the program and has any information.

They have cancelled the Grand Ceremony the last 2 years, and the regional ceremonies at least this year, if not earlier. My "Talent Search" fees for the last 2 years were basically for nothing.

The last issue of the Imagine magazine was the last to be published.

Today, I received an email that the Executive Director of the program was leaving.

As I stated in the other thread, I hate to be pessimistic, but the data points seem to be getting worse and worse. I lost the local CMITES program 4 years ago - I'd hate to see this one go away.

Summer program schedules typically come out in the 2nd half of December - I'll be interested to see if they appear.