Hello from a newbie!

We have lived outside the US for the last few years, and are likely to move back in mid-2019. DS9 met an educational psychologist a few months ago, as he was visibly bored and disengaged at school though he had good grades there. After he was identified as gifted, we had DS6 tested as well – turned out that both of them have FSIQs in the low 140s.

DS9 likes to set his own agenda (even at school, as it happens!) and is most interested in math and science, though his favorite activity is reading adventure / fantasy fiction. DS6 is quite creative and sporty, relative to DS9, and did well in both the math and language parts of the test.

DS9 and DS6 are currently in a private school. We are currently evaluating gifted-only private school options in the US. We do have some flexibility around our location within the US, so DW and I are trying to first identify the school(s) that are likely to be a good fit.

Our current short list of 7, based on research we did online and some conversations with parents is: Open Window (Seattle), Logan (Denver), Nueva (Bay area), Helios (Bay area), Roeper (Detroit area), Nysmith (Washington D.C. area) and Speyer (New York). We recognize that some of these schools are very selective, and that DS9 and DS6 may not get in even if we apply.

We would greatly appreciate any feedback that you might have on these schools. If you had to recommend 4-5 schools that we should apply to anywhere in the US (whether in this list or outside it), what might those schools be? Thank you very much for your guidance.