Harvard is not a business. Itís a non-profit. If it wants to go the for-profit college route and start paying all sorts of taxes, it can give what it likes to its biggest customers.

Until then, the argument that itís okay to discriminate in admissions in favor of wealthy people but not poor people is intellectually dishonest in its face. This type of discrimination has led this nation into a hot mess, and itís time that overprivileged Americans grow up and share their cake.

Prince William had to get the minimum A-level scores to get into St. Andrews, the same as everyone else. My friend, who was the provostís kid, did too. No one is suffering unduly because of transparent admissions, but many people do suffer when the deck is stacked in favor of small groups. A perfect example of that is the admissions arms race thatís been damaging the mental health of school kids for over 20 years now.