Harvard’s Admissions Process, Once Secret, Is Unveiled in Affirmative Action Trial
By Anemona Hartocollis
New York Times
October 19, 2018


Harvard also looks at factors like parental occupation, which Mr. Fitzsimmons said offer clues about financial hardship, and intended major, to avoid having too many students with the same educational interests.

For instance, he said this week, there had been huge increases in would-be engineers and computer scientists, but Harvard had to be wary of admitting too many, because “a whole bunch” of them “will end up happily ever after at M.I.T. or Caltech.”

“One thing we always want is humanists,” Mr. Fitzsimmons said, adding that there were “fewer and fewer” of them.


The above is what I noticed that I had not seen in other articles about the trial.