My son had nothing provided or required by his public school in 1-4. In middle, a private school they provided an iPad (donated by one of the parents). In public high school now, they provide nor require no devices.

He takes a laptop with him to school each day and uses his phone as a hotspot if needed. He says there are minimum of devices in the study center and the wifi is less than desirable so he takes his own.

I can see this would have been a good tool in 4th at the local public school. The previous year in 3rd grade he had already taken the 5th grade curriculum (SSA) and we had him taking the Prealgebra (AoPS) after school. So he could have actually been making headway on that during school math hours.

We did have an agreement in 4th with the curriculum director and the teacher to do this and provided a tablet to work on but the deal fell apart very quickly. We could have never gotten it written in his IEP, too many channels to deal with.

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It is problematic that two students doing very different levels of work can both get an A in the same class

I totally agree. It has to be discouraging to the student.

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