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DS6ís handwriting has been slow to progress, and slow to be produced, but is getting there nicely thanks to a great effort on DSí part. Yesterday, he tried cursive for the first time, and his writing turned out beautifully! Why didnít I think of that before? Of course itís easier to make a fluid motion than several disjointed ones. Duh, aquinas!

It is a great disservice to children that most educational systems have stopped teaching children cursive from the get go. Print, with the constant stopping and changes of direction, is harder to produce and doesnít engage the brain in the same way, and itís been proven, but Ąmaking things easierď for children by teaching print first and cursive as an afterthought, if at all, is one of those educational myths that just. Wonít. Die.

I recall from another forum that parents raved about how well Handwriting Without Tears worked for their children who had struggled with graphomotor skills. Maybe worth a look.

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