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This could easily get back into the subject matter of the thread that was previously locked. Simply because something benefits people doesn't mean that government should do it. We can think of MANY things that would be beneficial to many citizens I'm certain, however, financing it's citizen's desires isn't what government and more specifically our federal government was created to do. We're all free to contribute to our heart's content to any cause we please, however, it's not our job to tell others what good cause they MUST contribute to, when, and how much.

Actually, "provide for the [...] general welfare" is an enumerated power of Congress in the US Constitution.

Of course, you're conflating "general welfare" with the well being of specific individuals here. It's a well-established fact that a well-educated populace benefits everyone.

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While I agree on much of the quote above, one sport in particular usually funds itself and makes enough to fund numerous other college sports teams. American football.

Negative. Colleges are bleeding red in athletics departments, and it's mostly due to escalating costs for football. And it's due to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.


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I'm am holding my breath as it's not the purpose or responsibility of federal government to fund public education, let alone public colleges or tuition.

What an odd statement. We have a cabinet-level position called Secretary of Education. It's an entire federal department, with a $68B budget in 2016.

It is an unquestioned fact of history that universal public education has been a transformative and positive advancement in Western society.