I've also seen lately that what classes transfer can depend on which major one is pursuing. I'm told that at one of our state colleges, if you're going into the Pharmaceutical track, they accept zero AP credits, the same doesn't hold true for other majors at the same college.

I was informed again this weekend where one of my wife's students who already has two AA / AS degrees from a communicability college was told at one of our state colleges that he'd have to register and go though the college orientation before they could tell him what would transfer.. Is it just me or does that seem seriously lacking in service? Buy my product and then I'll tell you how much it costs?

Again, my whole point in this thread is purely to alert those who haven't had to deal with transfer of credits to make everything crystal clear, to double check, to not assume ANYTHING, and to get it all in writing, otherwise, you may be at the least unpleasantly surprised and perhaps finding yourself or loved one doing extra semesters because of lack of understanding the situation.