Thanks Portia and Quantum for your sympathy, I'm afraid it's still not over yet as of yesterday. I "think" yesterday was simply a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing, however, over a year and a half after admission and with a year left to go in pursuit of his undergrad in Electrical Engineering, he's still ironing out what they'll let him transfer and substitute of what he's already done.

He even spoke to one professor who told him that if he's used a class toward a different degree, that he couldn't use the credit toward his current degree, he could only use it to fulfill a requirement but not the credit which he'd have to take additional course to fulfill the credit requirements. It "appears" that this professor may simply be too far removed from reality to understand the process, which is what we've often found.

You certainly MUST talk to the right person to get the right answer. It's not wise to assume that any professor in the department knows or can find out what will transfer and what won't. There is usually someone who specializes in the transfer of credits in each department for the record, another person who decides if a class syllabus equates enough to transfer, and a department head and someone else who has to sign off on it all.....but often none of them can give you answers you have to go to the other one for.