DD17, now a freshman in college, did JHU-CTY Intensive studies for three summers in high school (summers after 9th, 10th, and 11th grades). The three classes she took were Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, and Ethics.

Your mileage may vary, but here are our experiences.

Help in the future:

She feels her Neuro and Psych classes both helped in achieving a 5 on the AP Psychology exam (as a side note, she taught the neurology chapter to her AP Psych class).

The Neuroscience class helped prepare her for our local university's brain bee. She finished second in 11th grade, and won it her senior year - qualifying her for the national brain bee.

The papers she wrote for all of her classes were her first, true research type papers and were critiqued by college level instructors.

Credits: After discussing with them first, her high school did award her credit for each of the three classes. I don't believe any colleges would award credit, but since JHU-CTY is fully accredited, DDs HS had no issue granting it.

Is is worth the money? For us, unquestionably yes.

Our DD gained confidence in her abilities, received high quality instruction, and found a reassurance that neuroscience was a path she wanted to continue exploring.

Probably the biggest shocks were how ecstatic her time there was and how she came back a different, more confident person. I would never have considered her unhappy before, but at the intensive studies camps she finally met and hung out with true peers. For the first time in her academic career, she felt reasonably close to being a "normal" kid. She still keeps up with some of her summer friends via social media.

Initially, DW and I had thought JHU-CTY would be a one and done for DD, but after her first year's experience, we immediately started budgeting for the next year.

Feel free to ask if you have any specific questions.

Best of luck,
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