DD is currently in 4th grade. She is given enrichment work for math at about the 5th or 6th grade level. But she has never gotten any instruction. It's just busy work. And while her reading enrichment is online the math is hand outs and she is struggling with the writing demands and keeping it clear when the answer requires a lot of steps. She still does well enough to progress at a good rate, but she has voiced concern about her handwriting and sloppiness holding her back.

Right now she's just kind of figuring things out as she goes. So it's very likely that a problem that could be done in 3 steps she's doing in 7. And she is getting frustrated because while she understands what she is doing, when a problem takes 7 steps it is easy to make a small mistake ESPECIALLY when you have poor handwriting.

I'm also clueless when it comes to math at this age. She is not a math kid. She is a verbal kid and is set to ace the verbal portion of the SAT. Math teacher conceded she is amazing at arithmetic but tempered that with a comment about working on problem solving. Concepts do come easier to her. Her math score on the WIAT was in the 140s as was her quantitative score on the WISC.

2e math is so fun! She is accelerated in math but needs tutoring?

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