Background... DS9 is ready for more math and has been for years. We've been passive, allowing him to do the easy math at school, while using Beast Academy at home.

DS9 is now enrolled in JH CTY math, using at home. Ask was for DS9 to use that curriculum in place of the Ready 4 math curriculum (iReady series). Child pre-tested in September at early grade 5 level in most, mid-6 in geometry (thank you BA 3A!). School has never provided out-of-level instruction. School has provided "extension worksheets" with 1) no instruction 2) no correction / review. I think extension worksheets are not suitable without instruction. If DS9 knows how to do the problem, he gets it correct. If he doesn't, he makes up his own way to figure it out, sometimes right, mostly wrong, and never gets feedback

Reply from teacher:

removed for privacy. Basically teacher saying "I think DS should do the regular work even though he tests out of it because it might get more challenging later in the year."

We will not support your program (JHU CTY).

What I want to say is that this is not acceptable. DS9 has proven on their own pre-test that he knows the grade 4 curriculum, as he pre-tested in early Grade 5. AS this was a month ago, he's now completed another 1/2 grade of JH CTY at home. I'm confident he'd test mid or late grade 5 if retested today.

Not only does he not need to sit through a lesson on math he already knows, he needs acceleration to new topics. He also needs a much faster pace. When I serve up math at home, he gobbles it up and learns it quickly.

I've reviewed the grade 4 book completely (found a PDF of the teacher-instruction online). I am certain my child knows this material. Their pretest shows that he knows this material.

The teacher mentions he wants DS to do the regular lesson, follow along, pay attention, and participate. DS is bored. Of course he is doodling, not participating (he's never been a huge participant in class out-loud), not paying attention. If the teacher had to sit through a training on something he already knows 100%, he'd be texting his wife, checking in on his sports teams, or doodling too. It's unfair to expect a 9YO to be / act captivated by something so boring to him.

The school knows he is bright in math. He scored first place in the Math is Cool qualifier and represented the school at the state contest last year. That competition was for 4th graders and he was only in 3rd grade. He did better than that entire class of 4th graders just 6-months ago.

This child, at age 4, told me that 1/2 of a 5K race is the same as 1/4 of a 10K race. His VSI is 147. Right now he "hates math" because it's so boring. I'm teaching him number theory and pre-algebra at home and for the first time he thinks math is actually fun. I wish I'd started advocating years ago.

We will have a parent conference in the next 2 weeks. I need some help with words. I need some help really advocating for this kid. We've BTDT. They resist acceleration because he doesn't know the next thing but he's never been given the opportunity to learn it.

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