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During that same time he had started staying in the classroom instead of going to recess and he has continued to not make friends or socially interact at school with children.

Eskes, does your ds' have any kind of social skills training or goals in his IEP (if he has an IEP)? Does he have support for social skills at school or is the school staff working with him to help him with social skills? Is staying inside during recess his choice or the school's choice? Is he still staying inside during recess?

I realize I'm only seeing a snippet of the full situation in a post here, but the first thought that crosses my mind is that not participating in recess is going to add to social isolation among an elementary school group rather than help a child who is having difficulty forming connections with classroom peers. On the other hand, there are many things that could be actively done by school staff to support your ds in forming connection with his classmates. It's possible he's in a situation where he's so far beyond the curriculum etc that he needs a different academic fit, but if the social isolation is due to a different challenge, it's important that helping provide support and a chance to practice social skills at school can be invaluable.

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