My eldest is only now starting this process, but I worked at a community college for a little while, and I learned a few points about transfer credits.

1. Individual colleges often have web pages addressing this subject. Try a web search for [college name] "transfer credit".

2. You can ask admissions counselors. That said, it looks like you may have gone this route and aren't making much progress. Did your son tell them explicitly that he needed the information so that he could plan ahead?

3. State-school to state-school: look for a systemwide policy regarding credit transfer. At the CC where I worked (in California), all classes were classified as to whether they were eligible for CSU and/or UC credit, and what kind (e.g. Gen. Ed.; major-specific, etc.).

4. If your son has been taking classes at a community college, check with someone at the community college. The academic counselors should know about in-state transfer credit.

The thing is, many community college students who are aiming for four-year degrees are on very tight budgets and can't afford to take classes that don't qualify for transfer credit. In this state, at least, the result is that the CCs are very serious about designing courses that qualify for transfer credit at UC and CSU.

I hope that helps.

ETA: I found this link for UC transfer credits.

I found this link for New York.

I found these links by searching for [state name] transfer credit from community college.

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