I've heard a lot of good things about sonlight, but is that a Christian curriculum? We are actually Unitarian, so I'm not looking for anything that has Christianity woven throughout (no offense to anyone - our entire extended family is Christian!). Although I'd love to do world religions/origins with DS at some point.

Maybe I'm in denial, but I've bought very little for homeschooling. We have Singapore math. DS7 (would have gone to 2nd grade) just got done doing a month of Aleks. We'll see how that plays out. If we do Singapore, I expect us to move through a couple of years quickly. He is just finishing 2B. We're really just filling holes and introducing notation yet. DS did get his multiplication tables somewhat learned this summer thanks to Timex Attack which is very helpful! And his teacher in first grade did do a good job getting him fast at addition and subtraction facts. We're flexible. If he starts getting burned out on arithmetic, we'll move to something else for a while.

This summer we raised catapillars and did some research on that. Right now we're researching and building models of volcanos. After Labor day, we're going to try to kick in to having some sort of order and schedule to our days and try to do some journaling, learning to type, vocab (just idenifying unfamiliar words, maybe build our own little dictionary this way - he's often comes and asks about words that are new to him.) I'm looking at the core curriculum book to fill in holes. And I'm thinking maybe we'll start reading some books a loud or doing audio books so DS gets some exposure to books I'd like to see him read. If he agreeable anyway. I won't shove Little Women down his throat or anything. It usually takes him a while to get into a book though.

He will continue to do piano, swimming, unicycle and we're looking at play/homeschool social groups. In sept, a local history center is doing a homeschool based program every Friday. We will do that, and pick up some books about those eras (Civil War, etc).

So I guess we're kind of following Kriston's lead and taking things one day at a time! I feel like we need to be able to turn on a dime too, at least initially here until I find out how DS learns at home and what is going to work best for us. Time will tell! I'm excited though!