We're homeschoolers too; eclectic and somewhat unstructured.

"Penelope" age 3, will be continuing in kindergarten math and we're starting a new science program just for her which I am very excited about! She's just starting to really take off with writing and she has a handwriting without tears workbook for when she feels like practicing. She reads well, at a high grade 2/low grade 3 level, but I suspect that she may have some vision issues related to tracking.

"Hector" 11, will be taking a lot of online courses this year, which will be new for him. He's taken 1-2 at a time previously. We've opened a conversation with the community college and are trying to get him into a class for Spring 2009, when he will be 12. I'm trying to be optimistic, but so far they have not permitted any student younger than 15.

I haven't figured things out for "Artemis" yet. She's eight, and does amazing things, but seems to like structure the least. I have to impose a little on her, or she'll never do math, but I want to encourage her to really go with her strengths too.

We have a family trip to Orlando coming up, so we'll be starting school late this year.