Update for thread followers!

My son was formally accelerated to 7th grade in his virtual school. I attended community college classes and he went with me to campus an did his online school. He made friends on campus ❤ but didn't do very well staying on task. I requested a 30 day extended absense for ADHD medication adjustments. We found a medication that worked much better. I pulled him out of virtual school near the end of the semester because I was not happy that he was not getting any electives. The school requires good grades in core classes before allowing students to take electives.

Homeschooling is surprisingly awesome! He's doing one subject at a time, which avoids most his ADHD difficulties. He finished up middle school science and now in all high school level. He's taking piano lessons at the community college this spring and I plan to enroll him for a music appreciation or music history class this fall. For now, he is binge-watching Great Courses. ❤ and his piano teacher is teaching him music theory in preparation for AP Music Theory ❤