Requests for suggestions of specific accommodations for 504s are a recurring topic on the forums.

Checklists for 504s are easily found online. I'm posting links to a few here, as they may help parents provide input to creating a 504 for their child, by choosing items from a checklist as one would choose from a menu of options... and/or by using items from the checklists as examples of wording, while drafting a customized accommodation. This roundup of lists may be especially helpful to parents who do not wish to post too much identifying information about their child, to preserve the child's privacy and anonymity.

- list by lovejoyschools (TX)
- list by warmline family resource center (CA)
- list by
- list by

The U.S. Department of Education (USDoE) recaps 504 law, including defining terminology such as "reasonable modifications". summarizes differences between an IEP and 504.

Wrightslaw is a great resource for information on IEP/504.