Hello, all. We are planning private testing this fall for DD9. She is in a public gifted program, and struggles with anxiety and some OEs. She complains of boredom, we see some rushed and careless work, but she will also express that she feels she doesn't belong there academically (she does). The testing is part of an attempt to sort out what the issues may be.

As we get closer to testing though (DD doesn't know about it yet), her dad and I have been talking about our own experiences and perceptions. And I was shocked to find that, lacking an IQ test, he is certain that he is not gifted, and feels like everyone around him is. Just for context, I went to a lot of school with my husband. We were both in gifted programs. I do better verbally, but math came easy to me compared to everyone else.... except him. He was light years ahead. I could provide a lot more detail, but not on a public board. But he struggles with depression and now works in a setting with a lot of exceptional people. He honestly doesn't see it.

I am not sure how to approach talking to DD about school and advocating for her needs, when her obviously brilliant dad minimizes and denies his own abilities and human worth. FWIW, we are open about the depression and that his judgments about himself are not always accurate (depression lies). DD has a counselor, which seems to be helpful, and she's and awesome kid. But its hard to even think about school experiences and help her navigate hers, when he thinks he was typical.

Does anyone else have experience or thoughts that are relevant?