Besides the after-school programs we have signed up for DS7, there is no gifted school nearby and we cannot do homeschooling right now. I was told by other parents that the gifted program that starts in 3rd grade is very good. But before that, I want my kid to be challenged academically. He's already showing signs that he thinks everything should be easy. He doesn't like anything that requires hard work or more effort (practicing piano, for example).

He's not as mathsy as many of the PG kids, but he does learn fast and has an excellent memory. He will not learn much in math in school with the current setup. I seriously doubt the new extension program is going to be advanced enough for him. The 3rd grade challenged math (a half year accelerated pace) would be a better option. The best option is the 3rd grade advanced math, which is whole grade accelerated. I was told by the district people though, that they've never done it for anyone before, so why would they do this for us! So frustrating!

I will keep trying but for the meantime, we will have to spend more money and energy on outside of school activities.

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[quote]What do they base their belief upon? [quote]
I am not sure why they would think the 2nd grade extension program would challenge my son enough. They did not even know what the program is going to be like. But I think they will pick the kids who will score well on the fall MAP test and CogAT. I think I should find out. They should have a better idea now since school has already started...

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