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we are hoping the CTD weekend classes and once a week tutoring will bring some challenge
Many families supplement an ill-fitting education with afterschooling and enrichment, such as a weekend class.
1- You might try to structure your child's experience so that he has an opportunity to work on developing some of the 10 skills listed in the article. For example, he might decide where to keep is book and homework (for example, on his desk or in a desk drawer), he might help manage his time by setting out his clothes the night before class, etc.
2- Keep a list of all of your child's extra-curricular activities, as this information may come in handy when applying to other opportunities, creating a first resume, etc. The degree to which the activities are chosen by the child, they demonstrate the child's interests.

What is he going to learn in math at school if there is no acceleration frown
While this not ideal, some children avoid utter mind-numbing boredom by studying the process of teaching/learning in the classroom, observing interactions, etc.

Hopefully your child will be provided with appropriate curriculum and pacing in his zone of proximal development... with academic/intellectual peers. What are your thoughts on single-subject acceleration (SSA) in math? For example, taking math class with 3rd grade students or 4th grade students?