We will be discussing SSA in math for DYS DD6 with her school this week. There is a long background here but ultimately, as her parents, we do not feel whole grade acceleration is her best option this year. The school agrees with us on that. They recommended SSA in reading and math if she passed their tests. She has passed math and will take reading on Monday. They are already backing down on the SSA in math supposedly due to her distractibility during testing. I am very familiar with asynchrony and also with her propensity to avoid work she finds unstimulating. They are not so well-versed in gifted traits, unfortunately.

We have decided to push for SSA in math, because I believe that's truly where she belongs, and in-class differentiation for reading (because she would need more than one year advancement here, and will thus be more likely to read at the appropriate level for her if we make this "concession.") One class change will be plenty challenging for her EF skills as well, two would be pushing it too much I think.

Please share any advice or success stories with SSA in early elementary as we go into this. I suspect they are concerned about the logistics of running two separate grade classrooms so that subject time coincides, requiring buy-in from both teachers.

Thank you!