Wordplay is said to be a trait often exhibited by the gifted.

This SENG article What Your Kids Want You To Know by Jane Hesslein, from August 2010 explains that "the acronym HALT (Hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired?)... might be a starting place for parents in considering why a child is cranky."

More words have been crafted since then. For example, the portmanteau hangry is an amalgam of hungry + angry.

Recently, ads for the Snickers candy bar have coined a few more words along these lines, which may be of particular interest to the funnybones of gifted individuals with high creativity. In an ad campaign which states, "Hunger keeps inventing new problems...", we find words such as:
Dimpatient: Dim + impatient
Confulish: Confused + foolish

Have you ever been hangry, dimpatient, or confulish?

Possibly these neologisms will catch on and end up in common use, similar to motel (motor + hotel) and brunch (breakfast + lunch) or sniglets such as spork (spoon + fork).

Do you have any favorite word-play portmanteaux?