Oh wow! Lives in the Balance is new to me! This looks very hopeful! I started using Love and Logic about 2 months ago. Huge conflict for 3 - 4 weeks, then peaceful for 4 weeks until his therapist assigned a writing homework. From what I've skimmed from the website Ross Greene's work will help in situations where he's struggling and not trying to manipulate. After L&L, this was more of a meltdown. different, less tantrum-y, less controlling. But my L&L skills have no effect. Which does point to a lagging skill, and writing is the highest challenge to his EF so where he feels the lag most. I skimmed their lagging skills worksheet - I can check off most of them.

Thank you for sharing this resource with me!!!

Also thank you for sharing your family's experience with placing kids below their academic level to ease cognitive load for EF. This sounds very appropriate! This model helps me clarify so much about schooling options for next year. How to reduce overall academic demand from his best-case scenario so that he can develop EF skills *and* progress academically.

Thank you, you have no idea how much help you've been! ❤️