So if I'm understanding this correctly, academically, he could easily be placed wholly into the 9th grade at this point, with English skills beyond that, but his self-management and executive function skills are not quite there, and there are additional e's that interfere with written production.

I've mentioned before that my parents had a radical acceleration policy of placing their children into academics that were about 1-1.5 years -below- actual instructional level, so that there would be cognitive energy left for meeting executive function demands. (With resulting placements ranging up to 8 years accelerated.) Some offered accelerations were refused, either by my parents, or by their child. Others were clearly necessary, both at the time, and in retrospect.

His behavioral and academic needs seem to conflict with each other.

It seems to me that you do have two questions: radical academic acceleration, and helping his current behavioral presentation to become less of an obstacle to his whole person development.

With respect to the second of these, you may have seen Ross Greene's work referenced previously. I highly recommend obtaining and reading a copy of "The Explosive Child" (, and checking out the free materials on his website:

regarding Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (aka, Collaborative Problem-Solving).
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