Looks like one of my posts didn't go up. It was long, filling in details for those who asked.

My son is 9. We did subject acceleration. I regret that now. He is 4th grade by age. 9th grade math, placed in community college for English and music theory. Social studies.... Who knows? I didn't follow CC standards. He could hold his own in high school history and civics classes. Science? He's off of CC standards there too. He did middle school level earth science last school year.

I had been considering doing a dual enrollment between community college for English and music theory and I-don't-know-what grade for the rest.

I have no idea what to do at this point. The district superintendent will prepare "advancement" options for me to look at.

Homeschooling is not an option.

I'm extremely hesitant with the community college stuff. He did get over his tantrum and write his therapy assignment independently, but I can't imagine under what conditions I would be willing to risk dealing with an oppositional-defiant homework tantrum. I expect ANY English class to bring that out of him in spades. The more pressure, the higher the risk. I might leave music theory at community college on the table as an option.

Virtual charter is only an option if they can offer something that makes the hassle worth it to me.

4th grade still sounds pretty good to me. (I'm exhausted, a break sounds lovely)