I think any competitive school is unlikely, unless DS suddenly makes a few gigantic developmental leaps. He refuses to participate in any club, extracurricular, or sport and I don't have the energy to force the issue. Between his organizational problems and my own...I can't make the EFfort.<--!

(I think there's a chance he might be more risk-taking if he weren't so exhausted from school in the first place.)

I probably should take all of this college prep stuff more seriously, but I just can't get excited about it. Watching my DD11 who is completely involved in all aspects of school, signs herself up (ugh!) for every possible competition and activity

(I actually tried to REFUSE to allow her to do the spelling bee--but we ended up compromising with "I'm not helping you study" (mom of the year again)),

I've come away with a strong hunch that there's not a lot to be gained by trying to force DS to be anyone but himself. This stuff seems to be so related to temperament.

That went a little OT, huh? smile