I don't contribute to this forum all that often, but this seemed the right place for the following anecdote. For the past few days, my DD7 has been expressing concern about going to college. I wasn't sure exactly what was underlying this, so I tried to allay any fears she might conceivably have, telling her that it was a long way away, that she'd enjoy it, that she'd still be able to see her family a lot, etc. Finally, it emerged that she had read something in a book in which a character was worrying about the SAT, and my DD was now afraid of taking it. This led to the following exchange:

Me: Don't worry about the SAT. What's on it are things you're good at and like to do, like reading.
DD (incredulous that anyone would dread a test that involved reading): Really? It's all reading?
Me: Well, there is a math section too.
DD: Math? You mean it's just reading and math?
Me: Pretty much.
DD (amazed and relieved): YES!