Great questions, everyone!

In creating the draft poll upthread, I learned a few things, including that one cannot go back to edit or add to the poll(s) in that particular post. As a "Post Option", the Poll Manager is presented underneath the text window only when creating a new post (specifically when utilizing the "Reply" feature, not "Quick Reply"). The Poll Manager is not available when editing a post.

With that new insight in mind, please consider adding your questions (they are all GREAT questions) in a poll in your new posts on this thread. In this way, the poll can be piece-meal, with questions and response options contributed by ALL, over time.

What are your thoughts? Are others ready to create a poll post or two?

As an alternative, if another poster would like to create a more complete poll incorporating everyone's input, I would graciously delete the draft poll upthread and defer to the new poll anyone chooses to create. smile