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Could Davidson create an online poll for forum members with questions such as
(1) Did you enter a child in kindergarten early? Do you think it has been the right decision?
(2) Has your child skipped a grade in school? Do you think it has been the right decision?

If a few hundred parents responded in a poll that they accelerated, and if most said they did not regret it, citing this poll could reassure new posters of their sanity.

To give readers a balanced perspective, if I were going to construct such a poll, I would also ask, in addition to the questions above, "Did you choose not to enroll your child in kindergarten early?" and "Did you choose not to have your child skip a grade?"

Our answers to both of these questions are yes for our now 15yo, and having stats on this choice could help reassure the sanity of some new posters considering the possibility of *not* accelerating, especially since, imo, this forum already generally conveys a strong bias in favor of grade acceleration.