There have probably been hundreds of threads where a new poster asks about early entrance to kindergarten. Such acceleration is really frowned upon by most schools, leading parents to doubt their sanity.

Members who have accelerated their children can reassure posters that they are not crazy and relate their own experiences. We put 2 out of 3 children in KG a year early and do not regret it.

Could Davidson create an online poll for forum members with questions such as
(1) Did you enter a child in kindergarten early? Do you think it has been the right decision?
(2) Has your child skipped a grade in school? Do you think it has been the right decision?

If a few hundred parents responded in a poll that they accelerated, and if most said they did not regret it, citing this poll could reassure new posters of their sanity.

Such a poll would not prove anything, of course, since it would not represent a random sample of parents who accelerated their children. But maybe it would be a helpful supplement to the "color" parents provide in this forum about their experiences with acceleration.