So, again, I am amazed at the attitude found in my kids' gym (where all 3 take gymnastics classes). The teachers are continually concerned that children should be taught at the right level and that children should always be challenged. I am recalling a recent day at the gym. We had some foul weather and there were a lot of absences. The teachers combined 3 different level classes into 1 because there were so few children. But then one of the teachers noticed the wide range of ability in this 1 class and said to the other teachers, "We need to split them up. We wouldn't want anyone to be held back." The teachers couldn't tolerate having any children "held back" for even 15 mins.

I have virtually no experience with organized sports, so this attitude is all new to me. Is it like this with all sports?

And of course, I keep joking to my husband that these teachers need to go into the public schools and teach the teachers how important it is to sufficiently challenge children and, you know, educate them at the right levels. Why, oh why can't school teachers have this same attitude?