When you go to a neighborhood public school that is highly ranked (one of the best in the country based on test scores), but your kid isn't learning and is unhappy, how to you calibrate that in your mind?

Two/Thirds of students are in GT Math at this school (no exaggeration - I did the math), but no one seems to notice that almost everyone is GT. Everyone just runs around going "oooh, gt." But last month, they stopped moving forward to spend a month reviewing VERY basic skills. Clearly a good percentage weren't getting it.

So, my kid is bored which makes me frustrated with the school. I really like all the people there, but academically it isn't working.

So, when people go on and on about how great the school is, I have trouble. How do you answer? How do you deal with these conversations? I'm finding that I isolate myself from other parents, which I'm finding isn't helpful either.

When everyone loves the school, but you. How do you have it all make sense in your head. Is something wrong with your child, other people, education, etc.?