Have you talked with the program? If it is accredited what does that mean? Do they get credit for a whole year of Algebra I in two weeks? The summer school through my H.S. is 6 weeks, and to get credit for a full year of Algebra I it's 6 weeks, 4 hours of class with another 4 hours of homework a night. Very intense.

Two week programs like you describe are often refereed to as bootcamps, or prep classes. They are intended to be taken the summer before a H.S. class and are preparation so a kid can get an easy A the following year. What the intention of the class is will matter as to if it's really an appropriate fit.

By the way it is normal to take Algebra I in 8th or 9th grade (13/14) although honors kids do take it as early as 7th grade. Our district has around a (10%, 45%, 45%) split as to what grade (7th, 8th, 9th) that they start Algebra.