@emeraldcity, thank you for the hint. I did contact the PTA at two of the school districts. One gave me some good info and the other pointed me to the gifted coordinator at the school. So that was really helpful. I am waiting to hear from the coordinator.
@2giftedkids, thanks. I am not familiar with the school systems in the US so don't even know who on school staff does what. So it helps to know the titles of the relevant point of contacts.
@indigo, my reason is purely personal. Dd4.5 will enter kindergarten this year and initially I was going to keep her in the private school she attends now. But then I came to know of a nearby public school district that has gifted program starting from k. However, that means we have to move. Before we make that big decision, I want to find out about gifted programs in our home district as well as two other highly rated district. If I can save $12k per year by avoiding private tuition and still get my kid's needs met, that would be awesome!
@zenscanner, the link is really helpful! I will have to spend some time digging through all the links.
Thanks again everyone for helping.