Our daughter's Iowa, Cogat, and WISC scores have her functioning at the same level across the board. I had a meeting with her 3rd grade teacher the other day, and she mentioned A)a child in her class had been grade skipped into her classroom B)there was an option to put my daughter into a math class in the 4th grade this year. She said that she would email the AG teacher about all this.
I just heard back from the AG teacher, and she suggested single subject acceleration for our daughter next year (the test to get that will be offered late Spring).We can do math OR language arts (who knows why you have to choose just one!!). She also stated that our daughter will be AIG for math and language arts next year no matter what. I didn't hear anything from the AG teacher about the options the grade school teacher mentioned.
My question is, what about this year? We have until mid-June. Should I push for more enrichment this Spring? And then what about 4th grade? If she only gets single subject acceleration for math, how about language arts? My other daughter is in 4th AG math, and it doesn't seem to be very advanced so will the AG language arts class not be challenging as well? As stated, the younger one is in 3rd grade. Her teacher says that she is already giving her 4th and 5th grade work. It seems like I need to know if she could go even further if offered the opportunity.