Just a thought my dh and I have been contemplating. Ds7 (who I've written about a few times- hg with some 2e issues) is verbally precocious and not shy. We were sure his teacher(s) would recognize his ability on their own. Instead (not to rehash), the school thinks he's just a high achiever from a decent home. Since they are missing the boat on my ds; we are exploring other options.

Now, we are wondering what will happen with ds3.5 in 2 years. He is very different from his older brother. Will typically not "perform" For me. Yet, through games I've realized he can add/ subtract and is starting to recognize words. He is very interested in math concepts and gear/ building toys. He also has a great sense of humor.

I realize this is all speculation as who knows what ds3.5 will be like. We are going to give it a go with the neighborhood public school, and hope for the best.

Thinking of all this has led me to the question, do schools typically recognize math minded gifted earlier? Are they expecting a more globally gifted child without asynchronous? Do they not really think at all and simply look at numbers?