Our 12 year old son's WISC (GAI) is a 160. He has already accelerated one school year and is scheduled to enter HS in Aug as a 13 year old. He loves math, physics, and science in that order. He has carries the emotional characteristics of many gifted children and he is a perfectionist in that his work product must meet his standards (exceeding what is expected).

We will apply at Davidson and the Stanford EPGY Online HS program. But we're conflicted and would like to hear ALL opinions should Davidson or other choices not pan out:

1) Do we put him in a traditional public HS that has an IB program even though the HS has reputation for drugs and low test scores (IB Program boosts the school's scores). Not comfortable with how HS kids will accept our son.

2) Home school?

3) Private HS. One hour drive each way. Huge cost. Other than a prestigious name, not sure the educational quality is equal to or significantly better than IB. In theory, drugs should not be a problem.

4) Online HS (Stanford, Laurel Academy, etc...)

From his HS experience, we obviously want him to continue his love of learning, to challenge himself, and to be in a position to be accepted at a University like MIT, Cambridge, Princeton, etc...

Give me your pro and con arguments to the above. Which route would you take and why? I am interested in all view points.