My DS7 has had an interest in chemistry since he has been about 3. I have been able to provide him with instruction in many fun ways until recently.

We read the Cartoon Guide to Chemistry together, calculated and weighed moles of several substances in grams, and done quite a bit of stochiometry. However, recently he has taken a strong interest in organic chemistry and I am no longer able to keep up with him.

For organic chemistry we have been watching Khan Academy, The Standard Deviants DVD and stepping through the Saylor University online curriculum.

We have been able to find a good math tutor for him using a local tutoring service Wyzant. He is currently working at about 8th or 9th grade math and needed more challenges.

I think that it is time for us to bring in a mentor to provide one on one lessons in the home for chemistry and I wanted to see if anyone has tips for how to go about finding one?


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