I'm not a huge fan of edu-tech fads, but I don't resent the way my kid's middle school is using iPads. They're basically doing at school any of the group project work that sometimes gets farmed out to the home front. I'm happy to not have to deal with multimedia productions involving multiple kids at my home. Those seem to get done much more efficiently at school anyway - it's better when there is a strict time limit on some activities. I'm not sure how else they were used - I think to record some of the science experiments. Not sure how they will be used this year in math - I'm guessing that they will not be used at all by DS's class. Last year they were only used in science, this year will be science and math. (Other computing platforms are used in the other classes.)

But, this school didn't pay for the iPads (parent donation, entirely) and I'm pretty sure that the money trail in this case leads in a different (but not prettier) direction than the one HK sees. I suspect an uncontrolled experiment by some execs who would like to see what happens in their kids' classrooms.

For what it is worth, the schools here aren't talking at all about replacing books. They seem to quite like their books & often choose editions that I like too.

ETA: The teachers here have had extensive PD on incorporating the iPads.

While I think iPad use is fine here and at ZIS, I don't think that is the case in a lot of the other districts that I hear about. I really don't think it makes any sense at all to dedicate scarce resources to chasing technology.

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