I have been gathering sources for a research project for a while and am reading a lot of books about human intelligence and gifted education. A bibliography of the books I've been reading or referring to, with annotations about some of the best sources, can be found at

Intelligence Citations Bibliography

The various authors who write about human intelligence and gifted education by no means all agree with one another. I'm trying to give each source a close reading and to tease out what the genuine consensus is on certain important issues. I hope to submit some of my writing output to peer-reviewed professional research journals. But I'd also like to write popular articles for parents that address their concerns.

To make my writings relevant and helpful to parents of gifted children, I'd like to ask for your suggestions. From a parental perspective, what issues are well understood by educators, and what issues are most controversial when parents try their best to guide their children's educations well? What facts about human intelligence do you find are most neglected by people who ought to know them? What myths about gifted education are most influential in today's schools? What issues do you wish more people knew more about, so that gifted learners could receive better educations?
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