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Question: are there any other "schools" of AoPS's ilk that are worth looking into?

Nothing seriously comparable that I've managed to find, and I have been looking. Many less good things.

A general question to anybody: does anyone here who has actually used these course have some feedback about them?

Apparently lessons are live online, but all communication is by typing into a chat box with no sound or video, not sure about pictures. How suitable is this format for elementary school kids?
Regarding the AoPS courses - my kids have taken a few of the lower level classes (algebra, contest math, programming) - and the description is correct. There are graphs and pictures sometimes, but no sound or video. Basically it helps a lot to be fairly comfortable typing. Being fast - both at typing and thinking - is also a big help. DS tended to anticipate the *next* question, or one that he could see coming, and spend his time typing it in so that he'd be ready to hit return. This was in a contest math course, so might have been more emphasis on speed than in some of the others. DD was older (not elementary age) and a better typist when she took courses and she loved the format. DS took courses at 10 and enjoyed the format too - but started dragging after an hour. Both kids liked the social aspects - joking around with other students and with the instructor - but unfortunately not enough to spend any time on the discussion boards.

I think DS will want to take another class with them sometime, while DD has decided that she is not good at taking on-line classes in general. She tends to neglect the homework with that format.