In the past year or so DD9 has once or twice a day significantly mispronounced a common word while speaking. It really catches our attention because she's doing exactly the way a child would if they were reading a new word phonetically for the first time, but these are commonly spoken words she knows and hears all the time.

The other day it was "purr-case" for purchase. She always corrects herself immediately, sometimes interjecting with "or however you say that word." She is clearly a bit flustered.

She doesn't have any other speech anomalies except when she tells a story it meanders, backtracks, lacks pronoun definitions and often requires us to steer her back to the point. My wife says DD9 learned that speaking technique from her 3rd grade girl friends.

I wanted to ask here because I know nothing of the various issues that affect speech. DD9 has never been evaluated beyond an IQ test.

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