I love it! Sounds like an appropriate menu item for tonight, actually. smile


Earlier this week, my DD showed up (virtual school) for her peer tutoring shift and the teacher says "Oh thank goodness-- I'm going to put you into this meeting space right away... the other tutors and I have been working together on this problem for about thirty minutes and nobody can seem to make it work-- I can't figure it out either!"

DD factored the polynomial in about fifteen minutes.

Now, why this is a brag isn't that she was able to do something that two other hand-picked mathy kids couldn't... or even that she was able to do a problem that stumped the teacher....

No-- my moment of pride was in watching DD's determination not to give up-- I don't see "tenacity" very often in her-- but when she goes to work on something like this... WOW.

She narrowed her eyes and set her jaw, and bit into that challenge like an alligator.

Schrödinger's cat walks into a bar. And doesn't.