Back again with more brags. I am sorry but I want to share with someone and don't have many people who will just listen without judgement.
So, dd3.3 was talking about how Fall means a season but also falling down like London bridge is falling down. I acknowledged saying sometimes words do have more than one meaning. She asked if spring has two meanings. I said," yes. Spring is a season but also a thing that goes boink, boink." I was desperately searching for a better way to describe spring while using my hand motion. DD just says," spring is a curly piece of metal that bounces and sticks to a magnet." I just shut up.

One more brag. One of my friends gave DD a drawing set where the papers have wax so when you color, the wax areas stay white and reveal shapes. DD loved it. She took that idea and created a negative image of a flower by herself. She drew an outline of a flower and colored the box around it. I will post a link to the drawing later. It was just so cool!