Two quick brags
Dd3.3 sits down to draw a car and draws two lines. When I ask her what they are, she says wheels. "But why are they looking like lines instead of circles?"
She continues to complete the drawing and then says," mom, this drawing is from the front of the car. So the wheels look like lines. The circle shape is on this side(pointing sideways)." Ps. It was an amazing drawing with wipers and side mirrors.

She has been asking me about why people have different skin color. My cousin, who is a bio major was visiting us this holidays so I asked dd to ask him the question. My cousin explained to her about melanin and sunlight exposure etc. She listened carefully. Two weeks later when we met a person with a dark complexion, she explained to me in detail why that person's skin was darker. I am so glad that my cousin explained it so scientifically and matter-of-factly to her instead of dumbing it down bcos she sure got it!