DD (13) got her PSAT results today (212 S.I. according to our school counselor)-- she's disappointed because they are likely to be JUST shy of our state's semifinalist cutline (which varies from ~211 to ~216, depending on the year)...

but they are 99th percentile, and almost certainly commendation level.

She's upset (a little) that by missing just a couple of math problems, she probably missed the semifinalist level....

but she isn't beating herself up over it. Yes, I talked to her a bit, with calming statements such as "but you gave it your best that day, yes?" and "different day, could have been another few points either way, right?" It has to sting to know that maybe... maybe... if she had just... worked that one problem one more time... been more careful with that other thing...

But she is really doing fine with it. cool

(This is a BIG, BIG deal for my perfectionist-- HUGE win!! )

Secondarily, I'm pretty elated that (yet again) my DD has proven that being an 11th grader is probably a conservative placement in academic terms.

Oh-- and I should mention also that this was the first time she's taken a timed, proctored exam, and it was also the first time she'd taken a standardized exam somewhere other than home, or with a stranger proctoring. Her anxiety about her SAFETY was through the roof. In light of those two things, these results are pretty darned good, I'd say. I'm very proud of her.

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