Okay, not necessarily a "brag" per se...

but maybe more like an "example" of how my asynchronous kiddo works.

She says to me (history textbook open);

"So, the Third Reich's salute was like so--" [gestures forcefully from the shoulder, with right palm down]

"and Winston Churchill's standard gesture was like so--" [holds up right hand in a victory 'vee']

"and Stalin's favorite salute was like so--" [extends right fist outward from shoulder]

"I've just realized something VERY IMPORTANT. I can't believe that I never noticed before now that World War II in the European theater was actually a giant game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. No wonder the Allies shouldn't have won."

smirk My kid. Yup... don't know where she gets this stuff from.
Schrödinger's cat walks into a bar. And doesn't.